Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NostalgiaFAG Wednesday Vol.2

Yo whats up everybody! I'm about to take you back in time to our childhood once again. For this week's Nostalgia trip, I shall bring about the memories of an awesome snack and a juice-drink rivalry. Before it gets intense, I say it's right to start off with the snack.

If there is one major thing I remember from my elementary lunch days and at recess snacks, it was a certain snack that beat all others like it. A snack that made me sad if I didn't find it in my lunch pail. This, my friends, were DUNKAROOS.

Remember these?! Here is a commercial just in case you don't to help you remember.

Anyways, DunkAroos were the bomb (excuse my bomb reference as I am using lingo from those days, helps keep it in the 90's zone). The cinnamon grahams were the shit, but it was the frosting that was the real hit. The best frosting flavor was the one in the picture above, the vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, but I remember there being chocolate and vanilla as well. But the reason why the frosting was bomb was because I remember it being so thick. The texture was so rich even though it was so thick, and that combination proved to deliver the explosive flavor (again with the bomb referencing). It really blew away all other cookie-dipping-in-some-kinda-sauce snacks (geez, terribly sorry for another bomb reference, no more). DunkAroos FTW!

I am sad these aren't in stores anymore...

OK now we move on.

Next up was the proposed Juice rivalry, and you guys all have to remember this one: MONDO vs. SQUEEZIT.

First let me introduce MONDO. Full name being Mondo Fruit Squeezers, these juice drinks were a fond memory, also bringing me back to the elementary lunch days. On a hot day playing around in the sandbox jungle gym or after a heated game of basketball or soccer, Mondo was the way to go to quench your thirst. I remember Mondo most because of it's unique bottle design and trying to suck out the very last drop of the juice from the tiny hole after screwing off the cap. So sad, I don't think these guys are around anymore either.

Yes! Mondo! Legendary Berry, or the BLUE FLAVOR, was the shit. This commercial will definitely bring you back. M-M-MONDO!

And finally, SQUEEZIT. Now these guys were just as memorable as Mondo. Although I don't know which came first, the bottle designs were pretty similar with their twist off, disposable caps. Just the thing about Squeezit though was that I think that they were more Juicy flavored than Mondo was. If I can recall the tastes, Mondo was much more sugary and artificially flavored, while Squeezit, as they claimed to be, was made from 100% juice. And you can't forget the faces that create the characters on each bottle. Very unique design as well. It's like squeezing their brain fluid into your mouth and drinking it. So sad, I don't think they make these anymore as well.

Although not pictured, my favorite Squeezit was Grape. Here's a commercial (kinda shows what I mean by what I said above by drinking the brain fluid of the characters).

So in conclusion of this rivalry, I shall settle it myself by saying that I think Mondo is the better of the two. It was overall more memorable to me. Better tasting (to me at least, cuz I love sugar), cooler looking, cooler commercial jingle, and it fucking straight up had a cooler name. C'mon now, it was fucking called Mondo. "OH HEY MAN! WHATCHA DRINKING?!" "I'm fucking drinking MONDO homie!" Tell me thats not cool. It's better than, "OH HEY DUDE! WHATCHA DRINKING?!" "Um....I'm...drinking....a....Squeezit..." "LOL YOU FAG!" Totally not cool.

I don't know if either of the two are still around in stores, I think the juice-pouch Caprisun revolution has killed them off, no? I think the closest thing I've seen to them were Kool-Aid Bursts, which I think has died off as well. Oh well...

As always, hope you had a NOSTALGIC TIME! See you next week.

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